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Project: N.Y.N. Project or Ninja Project Rating: PG (Youth 10 and up) Genre: Action, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, and Shounen Sub-Genre: Bishounen, Historical, Martial Arts, Mild Nudity, One Shot, Original Comic, Semi-Comedy, and Some Mild Violance ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~Plot Summary~ Renewed summay coming soon.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Status Updates: Unknown Current Chapter: <<Shadow of Dreams>> ((Read from Right to Left))


June 28th, 2012, 10:48 pm

The Ninja News

Today's breaking news in the Town of New York city. A ninja was spotted on the rooftop of one of the tallest building. He disappeared in a flash! Ok, now down to real business! New York Ninja is on a stand still and will be until new suff comes in... Pictures have been drawing, but haven't been CGIed, yet.

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